About Us

BabyHome was born to be your best source of information during the journey of generating and raising a baby. We want to be your main destination when there is a doubt and your best guide, to accompany you from the first week of pregnancy until your child turns 2 years old, taking care of each phase with the affection it deserves.

We want to help make the hard exercise of motherhood and fatherhood a lighter, more loving and pleasurable experience.

We want you to come in and make the site your home. Here you’ll find a trusted source of advice on pregnancy, childbirth, and child development, backed by expert best practices and advice from the societies and academies of obstetrics and pediatrics.

With high quality and relevant content, BabyHome brings you practical advice, relevant topics and inspiring stories about pregnancy, childbirth, health, well-being, career, sexuality, style, beauty, finance, development, growth, best shopping and everything. what matters to the mother-infant universe.

Our team consists of reporters, editors and professionals specialized in the sector, who consult the best sources in the areas of health and behavior: gynecologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, other physicians, psychologists and nurses.

Our team is made up of experienced and new mothers. But, mainly, it is formed by people who believe. We believe this is the most amazing, formidable, incredible, challenging, demanding and exhausting journey of your life. We believe in the enormous capacity that you, mothers and fathers, have to be the best reference for your babies. And we believe that no one is alone in creating citizens who can make this a better world.

BabyHome  wants to hold hands with you and support you in the exercise of motherhood and fatherhood, making this path lighter and happier. Let’s go together!

Business group

BabyHome was founded in Boston, USA, by entrepreneurs with over 35 years of experience in the areas of parent and child content and technology. We are the creators of the CBeebies App, the BBC TV channel’s app for early childhood CBeebies; we were responsible for the first integration of physical and digital products for TOMY, a global leader in innovative, high-quality toys for babies and toddlers; we launched the world’s first preschool content app, Planet Kids; We co-produced with Samsung the Kit & Rak app, Samsung’s exclusive app for kids, now available in the US and throughout Latin America.

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