Rolling around, turning on their side, on their bellies, sitting and even crawling are some of the movements that require effort and training for the little ones. Not to mention the frenetic movement of the little arms and legs. None of this is possible if the child is wearing clothing with uncomfortable seams, tight elastics, too many ruffles or buttons. Clothing items that are too warm for the season can also restrict play time and the development of motor skills, aside from increasing the risk of allergies.

In the day-to-day, especially, opt for cotton or mesh clothing, which allows the skin to breathe normally and have a comfortable texture. Tiny shoes are adorable but resist the urge to put them on the child whenever they’re home. Some pediatricians, in fact, only recommend the use of shoes once the child learns how to walk. Opt for little socks with anti-skidding pads on the soles.