During the 10th month of life, kids already perfectly comprehend the meaning of the word “no” – many, in fact, will even repeat the word, shake their heads, or make a negative gesture with their hands. However, right during the phase of many discoveries, maybe your child is doing exactly what you told them not to just to test your reaction.

The baby has a vague notion of what is before and after, but, because they still live in the now, of being 100% present, they don’t yet grasp the concept of having to wait to be held or for the ever busy mom to grab them a certain toy.

That being said, your child can anticipate certain things based on their perception: sounds and smells in the kitchen, for example, indicate that dinner is being prepared. The fact that they “realize” that, however, doesn’t stop them from being annoyed at having to wait for everything to be ready. Another intellectual trait of this period is incessantly repeating the same words – “hello”, “goodbye” and even the famous “no” – making it an answer to every question.