If you sincerely and truthfully look back, in retrospect, you’ll have very contradictory impressions of the last couple of months: at the same time that you feel time has flown by, during some moments it felt like the hours dragged on endlessly. How the sleepless nights trying to lower a fever or when your little one, still a newborn, cried nonstop due to colics. On the other hand, that gorgeous day at the park, when the baby fell in love with the sounds of the animals and with the color of the flowers, my god how time went by fast! And yes, it really does feel like that. Maternity is one heck of an opportunity to learn how to deal with new conceptions of time regarding the most diverse types of feelings: happiness, melancholy, anxiety, enthusiasm, longing, enchantment, fascination, ecstasy and, in this exact moment, gratitude.

Personal philosophies aside, one year marks the end of an incredibly important cycle in a child’s life. Your child made a lot of discoveries during this time, isn’t that right? Just to recap: they learned about colors, sounds, noises, smells, textures, sizes, shapes, etc. They learned how to communicate through all the tools available: imitation, crying, babbling, gesturing and, of course, with a heart-melting smile. From a small and fragile newborn who seemed like all they did was sleep all day, they transformed into an active and curious child, who wants to participate in the home routine more and more, learn how the world works and interact. Your baby shows desires, wants, dislikes and, of course, love.

So, it’s time to celebrate a lot! Celebrate not only your child’s one year birthday, but also life in general. And, don’t forget to also celebrate your evolution, the discoveries you made throughout this journey, the overcoming of fears and doubts, the achievements and the wonderful woman you are. Us at BabyHome know that this is not an easy journey, but that it certainly had its beauty. Doing what is possible is, throughout the journey of maternity, wanting and seeking to do the best you can. So, congratulations!