You’ll need a lot of energy to keep up! One and a half-year-old babies are pure adrenaline: they don’t sit still for a single minute, constantly open doors and cabinets, climb on furniture and just stick their heads in everything. With that in mind, they shouldn’t be left alone close to pools, bathtubs or large containers of liquid, due to the increased risk of accidents. If you still haven’t installed protective netting on the windows in your home, don’t wait another second longer. There’s a lot of curiosity, and that poses a danger. If your baby has already started walking, it’s possible they might have started running – including in public places such as malls and parks. Taking a trip in the stroller? No way! It’s good to explore uncharted territory with their own two feet. Keep an eye on them the whole time and, especially when walking down the street, hold their hand. Yes, us at BabyHome know that can be very tiring. At the end of the day, you’ll get the feeling that you’ve just participated in a marathon. However, know that all that energy is a sign of health, happiness and the desire to discover the world.

In terms of cognitive evolution, 18-month-old babies can show where their nose, feet and other body parts are and like kisses and hugs – and, to make it even cuter – they can hug the animals they love. During their playtime, hiding the child’s toy and asking them to find it can render a lot of fun.

All this disposition, however, is no reason not to pay the pediatrician a visit. Even though visits to the doctor aren’t as frequent anymore, it’s worth setting up a time to ask some questions and clear doubts regarding development, weight, height, next steps (changes in nutrition and getting ready to ditch the diapers, for example) and check to see if the vaccination records are up to date.