The fact that they can move freely around the house and discover new things allows the child to fully comprehend what each room is for and what each family member does inside each room. At this point, the baby understands that the bathroom is where people bathe and go number one or two, even though they’re still in diapers. They also know that the living room is where they play and watch TV, that the food is made in the kitchen and that the bedroom is where they sleep.

With cognitive processes in full gear, your child has the conscience of how the routine inside the house works and wants to help out. It’s common for kids this age to push furniture around, imitate the family’s day to day with their toys and even pretend they’re cleaning something. Activity tables with special chairs are a good toy for this age, just like toy appliances.

With 19 months of age, the child already begins to notice changes around the house, like a new painting, a different plant or if a piece of furniture has been moved around.