Parents, undoubtedly, are the child’s first source of fun. They are the ones who pose the first games during playtime, teach funny things, show how to interact with a ball or a stuffed animal, take them to the park, etc. As the baby grows older, however, socialization becomes necessary, especially in cases where the child doesn’t yet attend school or if they don’t have siblings around the same age to play with.

Interactions with other children are fundamental for the child’s development in many different ways: socially, cognitively, behavioral, motor…First, because the baby is exposed to other people and, therefore, other ways to act, behave and think. Second, because this interaction teaches important abilities and skills for the rest of their life: sharing, waiting, respecting differences, adapting to unpredictability, tolerance, etc.

Other ways to stimulate this socialization is by investing in local forms of entertainment catered to children, such as parks, community recreational centers, etc. Benefits can be seen in a short period of time, since your child will have a lot of fun, as well as in the long run, making your child more sociable and creative. Don’t worry if, during this time, certain issues arise and someone ends up crying – learning to deal with conflict is also a crucial element in any child’s development.