Around the two-year mark, the child can already be prepared to stop wearing diapers as they are not only able to notice when they need to go potty, but they are also capable of communicating that. In general, children who attend pre-school are able to undergo this process more quickly and without too many issues as their entire group of friends are going through the same challenge.

However, you shouldn’t worry if it takes your child a while to get used to not wearing diapers. Each child has their own rhythm, and this is a development that takes effort and time. They won’t always be able to hold it in, which is why, in the beginning, it’s still worth bringing some diapers with you when leaving the house in case any “accidents” happen.

Once again, this is a time of learning. Parents should not be shy during this phase and leave the bathroom door open, to show the child “how it’s done”. The potty is a fundamental piece to this challenge: allow your child to play with it first, explore the object and understand how it “works”. During the first few times they successfully pee or poop inside the potty, congratulate them to incentivize good habits. This shouldn’t be done every single time they properly use the bathroom, however, so the child can understand that this is a normal bodily function.

Ditching the diapers is just another part of the development process in which the child is no longer a little baby. This could become an angsty moment for everyone involved. Show them that this is a positive thing, a part of growth and something that will benefit their lives as they can now play and have fun with more freedom.

Lastly, maternal anxiety should be kept under control: don’t yell at your child if there’s a potty “accident”, even if they happen to soil the carpet or the couch. Also, there’s no need to repeatedly ask the child if they need to go number one or two. Naturally, everything will happen in its own time.