Until they turn two, your child’s vocabulary will be limited to up to 200 words, did you know? At this point, it’s possible for them to learn about 10 words or more a day. Yes, it truly is impressive! For that very reason, it’s a phase that requires certain attention over what adults should say in front of kids, such as bad words or curses. Answering whenever they’re called, coming up with short sentences, naming theirs and others’ body parts, imitating noises (of animals, the rain, of falling), asking for a toy or bed time story are just some of the achievements at this age.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand certain things your baby says: be patient, ask them to repeat it again, gesture to find out what they’re talking about or turn to the trial and error game. You will be able to communicate, more so because they already have the capacity to understand “yes”, “no, you can’t”, “come here” and can recognize the words you cay. In the day to day, don’t forget to tell your little one everything you’re doing, to help them express themselves better.