Some babies, as they turn one, can already stand up with balance and take a couple of steps – however, a little staggered (but also super cute, let’s be real). Now is the best time to – literally – put the best foot forward and help the baby walk for real. Stay close to your child and ask them to walk over to dad or to a grandparent. To start with, two or three steps at a time are enough. Another good idea is to “show” the child the house with these walks. You can help them by holding on to their hands, but little by little let them lead the way of exploring their bedroom, your bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom…To increase the stimulus, explain what the child does in each room: “Here is where you take baths”, “This is the bed where mommy and daddy sleep”, etc.

Don’t let your fear of overprotection spoil your baby’s discoveries and developments. Instead, make sure to always be around whenever they want to climb on the couch or go up and down the stairs. Support them and, little by little, distance yourself whenever they have to take a few steps over to you.