There’s no better way to stimulate a child’s learning than through a good game, right? So, here are some ideas:

  • Playing with Play Doh: your child will have so much fun with all the colors and the possibility to transform the doughy material with their hands. Entertain them by making little characters, animals, foods, etc.
  • Dancing: now that the child can already walk, invite them for a “dance”. The music doesn’t necessarily need to be for kids. In fact, this is a good opportunity to play your favorite songs and play with different choreographies with your child, incentivizing them to imitate you.
  • Puzzles: the educational ones, usually made of wood and with simple designs, can be used with this age group.
  • Bubblewrap: covering the floor with this plastic is synonymous with pure fun. Your child will love walking and feeling the texture under their feet or pressing on the air bubbles with their hands.
  • Stimulating walks: take the child to an aquarium, to the zoo or to a park with different types of flowers and trees.
  • Drawing: a piece of paper and a crayon or a specific pencil for their tiny hands are the ideal combination to spending hours on end observing the effect of doodles on the sheet of paper.