You’ve probably noticed that your baby suddenly started drooling more. No amount of towels can deal with this much liquid! Sometimes, the drool is so intense their little face and neck will become completely drenched, flooding even the clothes they’re wearing.

This is a perfectly organic, natural reaction. Firstly because the child, at this stage, puts their hands in their mouths more often – and also likes to suck on certain toys. Another possible explanation is that some babies begin showing signs of teething around four months of life – even if the first tooth only starts showing around the five or six-month mark. It’s worth noting that saliva is produced in the six salivary glands in the mouth, which can produce anywhere from two to four liters of saliva a day. For babies, drooling can be a result of underdeveloped muscles around the mouth – after all, the child still doesn’t chew! – excess saliva or little control over swallowing.

Until about 18 months of life, your child will still drool a lot. There’s no reason to worry, as saliva will help them chew and swallow foods better and even helps with keeping their mouths hydrated and free of cavities. Unless the excess seems out of hand, talk to your pediatrician.