Did you know that since the first day of your child’s life it’s recommended to care for their dental hygiene? So, if you haven’t started yet, you can right now – there’s no need to wait for the six month mark, the phase where the first little teeth start to appear. The baby’s toothless and cute mouth deserves immediate attention, so as to avoid bad smells and the spread of bacteria. You can use a gauze pad or a small wet towel with filtered water to clean the gums, inside the cheeks and tongue, to remove any milk residue. Another option is using microfiber gloves and silicone finger toothbrushes, which are actually used as a tool to introduce the habit of brushing teeth, teaching the child it’s importance from an early age.

After the three month mark, you can adopt a silicone teething toothbrush. And, for the six month mark, there are training toothbrushes where the child themselves can hold them and learn the dental hygiene process in a ludicrous and fun way.