Use the Shantala technique. It’s an ancient Indian massage technique that tranquilizes the child and makes them feel maternal affection. It should be done in a calm, warm environment without rushing and with the child completely nude. You can put on a relaxing song or calmly talk to your child. Put the baby oil on your hands, rubbing them together to warm it up and then start with outward to inward movements, from the center to the extremities or from top to bottom. The ideal order is: arms, hands, tummy, legs, feet, back and face. Look into the baby’s eyes during the whole time. They will stay very calm and fascinated by the whole experience.


Declare your love discreetly. Not only with words, but more importantly with gestures. Tell your children how much brighter and beautiful they’ve made your life, hug them, kiss them and hold their tiny little hands.


Be available to play. Even if it means only a little bit every day, try to find the time to spend quality moments and have fun with your child.


Make yourself present, even if you’re working outside of the house. How? Leave a picture of yourself where the baby can see and move it frequently and, if possible, call at least once a day and “talk” with your little one. Another tip is to record your voice while you sing or read a book and ask for someone to put it on so the baby can hear your voice whenever they need to calm down.


Create a ritual between you two. It can be a bedtime story before going to sleep, starting the day with a fun “good morning”, some kind of game during bathtime or even a new activity where you focus on each other. When they grow up, even if the child doesn’t fully remember it, they’ll develop a feeling that they were very loved and that they were the center of attention.