As the discovery of the world unfolds – and the understanding that you and the baby are two separate people – will sometimes cause the baby to want to stay closer to you, in fear of strange people and places. It seems contradictory, really, but it’s because as their repertoire expands, they need a bigger sense of safety to deal with new things.

To help your child face and even get over this apprehension, try taking them to the supermarket or to a different place more than once, so they can become acclimated to it.

The most curious part of it all is that, whenever they feel comfortable, the little 10-month-olds will search for attention and social approval, smiling and doing cute things for other people. In any way, whenever they search for you with puppy dog eyes or with their arms stretched out, comfort them with phrases such as “mommy’s here”, “mommy will be right there” or “mommy’s coming”.