Us at BabyHome understand: it really is one of the hardest things in the world to leave your precious little creature at day care, with grandparents or nannies and leave for work. After all, you just spent months dedicating almost all of your time to your child, so heartache ensues when you have to stay far from home during the time in which they start acting cuter and interact more often. With enough planning, organization and a positive attitude, going back to work will be a breeze. More so because, if you chose to return to work, that means it holds a special meaning for you and your family. Believe it: children can feel when their mothers are happy, satisfied and accomplished. Therefore, don’t feed your sense of guilt. Instead, channel your energy and focus on each task you take on, be it playing a game with your child at home or in a challenging project you need to start working on.

Working in an office or not, ever since giving birth, all mothers are full-time mothers. Or, do you stop being a mom when you’re at a meeting with a client or in your car, on your way to the office? Forget about labels that limit you as a person and, when you’re with your child, relish every second of it. When they grow up and understand how the world works, they will be proud to know their mother is a woman who followed her ambitions and made conscious choices.