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When to introduce baby food and other foods?

Know when to start the weaning process and things to do and to avoid Up until the six-month mark, the baby should be breastfed only. This means no food, no juices or teas. If the baby breastfeeds freely, they’ll get all the nutrients necessary for that age, including water, to stay hydrated. Children who drink […]

14 common mistakes in the baby’s diet

First of all, do not blame yourself! It’s entirely normal to make mistakes when we’re just trying to feed our children the best we can. Just focus on correcting some behaviors but don’t beat yourself up if not everything goes according to plan. Offering only baby food and creamy soup is not a good idea. […]

How to prepare your oldest for the arrival of a new baby?

The arrival of the second child can be a delicate moment in the life of a family. Soon enough, parents will have to care for not one but two children. The second child often comes when the oldest child already sleeps through the night and has finally been potty-trained. A new baby arrives, and sleepless […]

12 tips on dealing with your oldest child once the newborn arrives

1. Have your oldest child meet their new sibling at the hospital. This is a moment that should be shared with the immediate family without other visitors. 2. Buy them a present they can gift to their new sibling as a welcome gift. 3. Do not force any contact or affection. Give your big kid […]

7 Tips to save on food & drinks for your child’s birthday

Children’s birthday parties need candy, savory bites and cake. But, when your child and their friends have barely learned how to walk, how can you put together a menu for adults while still keeping the babies in mind? It’s possible many of them haven’t even tried sugar yet, seeing as most pediatricians recommend parents avoid […]

My child still won’t sleep the whole night. What do I do?

Bebê não dorme a noite toda

Very few aspects of motherhood will generate more expectations than the answer to this question. If your child sleeps well throughout the night ever since the very first few weeks, consider yourself extremely lucky. Only those who have faced sleepless night after sleepless night – waking up several times during the night – and the […]

My child barely speaks. Is that normal?

O que fazer quando o filho com 2 anos não fala quase nada

Are the neighbors’ kids already forming complete sentences while yours is still repeating only “mama” and “papa”? Yes, we know it’s nerve-wracking to see other kids talking while yours is radio silent. But the first rule of maternity says: never compare your child with other babies. Each child has their own developmental rhythm. It could […]

Yelling & crying at night: it could be night terrors

It sounds like a nightmare but it isn’t. It seems like sleep walking, but it’s not. Night terrors are a form of sleep disturbia that’s relatively common among children and that tends to happen more frequently between ages two to five, but could happen as early as before the baby turns one. The child will […]

The age of biting, hitting and kicking: how do I proceed?

The time will come for every parent: your child will try to solve all of their insatisfactions by biting, kicking or slapping things and/or people. Before you get mad or upset because they hit you or acted aggressively towards someone else, it’s important to note that there’s nothing personal about it. In fact, without fully […]