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Your body will start going back to what it was before

Corpo voltar ao normal depois da gravidez

Generally speaking, six weeks after birth is the average time it takes for the uterus to go back to its normal size and weight. The lochia, at this point, is probably a yellow-ish color or even ceasing, which soon means you can stop wearing hygienic pads. This is the time to go back to the […]

Tips on taking pictures of your huge baby bump

The sixth month of pregnancy is the ideal time to take some pictures of your baby bump. At this point, it has defined curves, and you haven’t gotten into the classic period of swelling, the third trimester. Fuller, rounder breasts, glowing skin, and beautiful hair put together the perfect look to immortalize your beauty as […]

You deserve a spa day at home

Fatigue, swelling, back and pelvic pain, tired feet, and legs…Pregnancy definitely has an exhaustive side to it, and the best way to curb it is by pampering yourself – a lot! Try putting aside one day out of the week – could be a Saturday or Sunday – when you have fewer chores and tasks […]

What is this dark line down my belly?

There is nothing wrong with you. It’s common for a vertical line during pregnancy, which seems to divide the bump, to appear. That line was there well before you got pregnant. Still, with elevated levels of pigmentation triggered by hormonal changes, the line becomes more brown-ish – and therefore, visible – as soon as the second […]

Pregnancy and your skin

Hormonal changes during pregnancy will also greatly affect your skin. In high quantities in your body, hormones responsible for pigmentation usually causes brownish blemishes on the face and neck region. Whether light or dark-skinned, the blemishes will be lighter than their natural complexion for black women.  Even those who use sunscreen regularly aren’t completely out of […]