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How to pump and freeze breast milk

Aprenda como tirar e congelar o leite materno

The end of your maternity leave and even a longer leave don’t necessarily mean you need to interrupt breastfeeding. Maternal milk continues to be an important source of nutrients and antibodies for your baby and, if possible, it’ll be great for their health. While it’s not necessarily the easiest task to pump out milk with […]

Weaning: how to face this process with ease

Como fazer o desmame gentil

Whenever possible, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends exclusively breastfeeding up until six months of the baby’s life. However, breastfeeding can be extended according to the mother’s wishes. But, it is during this phase (the sixth month) that many women need to end their maternity leave and go back to work. Other factors such as […]

Breastfeeding and sick: what to do?

Amamentar enquanto doente

Good news: there are very few diseases that can impede a mother from breastfeeding. Those with HIV, for instance, shouldn’t breastfeed due to the risk of transmission to the child. Some debilitating ailments, such as heart failure, also don’t mix well with breastfeeding as they can compromise the general maternal health. Fevers, colds, the flu […]

10 good reasons to breastfeed

Pure, efficient, and cheap, maternal milk has the right amount of vitamins, proteins, and minerals the baby needs for healthy development and a fortified immune system. Immunoglobulins and lymphocytes found in the mother’s milk can help the baby fight off any virus or bacteria that might affect them during the first few months – and […]

Find out solutions to potential breastfeeding problems.

So baby has been home for a couple of days already and we all know breastfeeding is natural. But, let us remind ourselves that natural does not mean easy. When you start nursing your newborn, it’s common to feel tenderness on your nipples after breastfeeding. Some women report having cracked nipples. Others report blood and […]

Colostrum: address all your questions

Colostro é o primeiro leite materno

Before the breasts begin producing maternal milk, they start by making colostrum first. This is the first form of milk produced, which already has beneficial proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins for the baby. Colostrum is also rich in antibodies that protect the baby in the first days of life. Some health caregivers call it “the […]

Your breasts are preparing for breastfeeding

During the second trimester, your body and face will begin to take the shape of a pregnant woman’s body. Your breasts will start getting ready to breastfeed – at BabyHome, we are big believers in the importance of breastfeeding, which is why you’ll receive a lot of information on the topic. Truthfully, your body begins to […]