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The big moment is finally here!

Hora do bebê nascer

Your anxiety must be through the roof, but you’re also euphoric and worried – all at the same time. If this is your first pregnancy, you might even experience some apprehension you’ve never felt before. After all, there were more than enough tips, information, stories and advice you’ve been listening to for the past nine […]

Ready to come into the world

bebê pronto para nascer

The baby’s lungs continue to develop until he/she is born. Turthully, they’re already capable of working, but this will only happen during that long-awaited cry in the birthing room that’ll make you emotional and happy. The amniotic liquid, which was translucent, is now more opaque and milky due to the vernix caseosa, the viscous, waxy […]

The development of the baby week 38

Gravidez 38 semanas

We’re getting close! Your little one’s organs are completely developed and in the right place. The lungs and brain already work, so there shouldn’t be any issues if your baby is born before 40 weeks. After all, he/she probably weighs a little more than 3 kgs now. The thin hair that coated their little body […]

Baby’s development Week 37

Gravidez 37 semanas

Your baby is probably the length of a bunch of Swiss chard, weighs about 6 1/3 pounds and measures somewhere around 19 inches. The little one will continue to gain roughly 2.4 ounces of fat per week to help regulate body temperature and keep blood sugar in check. The brain and cranium will continue to […]

The development of the baby week 36

Gravidez 36 semanas

Time seems to be going by very slowly now, doesn’t it? That’s good! After all, a pregnancy is considered “to term” – or ready – after 39 weeks. Hold on just a little longer! Your little one’s cranium bones aren’t completely merged yet specifically to help facilitate its passage through the vaginal canal. These bones […]

Almost there: learn the signs that indicate the birth is close

Quais são os sinais de que o parto está próximo e o bebê vai nascer

According to experts, the birthing process – especially during the first pregnancy – can last for 8 to 12 hours. Some times, even more. With that in mind, there’s no need to go crazy and run to the hospital the moment you feel a sharp pain in your stomach. Many times, fear and stress can […]

The development of the baby week 35

Gravidez 35 semanas

Both kidneys are almost ready. The liver can already process substances the body won’t need. As your uterus gets closer to your ribcage and your baby keeps growing, you might feel out of breath. Don’t worry, the time is coming soon! Try getting on all fours for a deeper breath. Your baby, at this time, […]

The development of the baby week 34

Gravidez 34 semanas

It’s very likely that, at this point, your baby has already turned upside down. The position, also known as the vertex, is ideal for birth. However, the baby will still turn a couple of times before being born. The lungs and nervous system have not matured completely, but this shouldn’t worry you if you happen […]

Preparing your maternity bag

O que colocar na mala de maternidade

Experts recommend you start packing your maternity bag – or rather, bags, one for you and one for the baby – anytime after the 34th week. During the 37th week, everything should be organized, seeing as your baby could be born at any point in time. To pack your bags, bear in mind that you’ll […]

The baby’s development week 33

Gravidez 33 semanas

7 weeks to go! Your baby may be anywhere between 16 and 17 or more inches in length. She weighs more than 4¼ pounds and measures about 44 cm. Your doctor will carefully monitor the baby’s position during the next few weeks. Some babies chose to sit, which can ruin the expectation of vaginal birth. The child’s […]