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How to prepare your oldest for the arrival of a new baby?

The arrival of the second child can be a delicate moment in the life of a family. Soon enough, parents will have to care for not one but two children. The second child often comes when the oldest child already sleeps through the night and has finally been potty-trained. A new baby arrives, and sleepless […]

12 tips on dealing with your oldest child once the newborn arrives

1. Have your oldest child meet their new sibling at the hospital. This is a moment that should be shared with the immediate family without other visitors. 2. Buy them a present they can gift to their new sibling as a welcome gift. 3. Do not force any contact or affection. Give your big kid […]

Your relationship with your partner: get your sex life back without stress

Retomar a vida sexual pós parto

There aren’t too many couples who describe having not difficulties going back to their normal sex and affective lives. Fatigue, anxieties, full time dedication to the baby and even fear of feeling pain or getting hurt are just some of the reasons behind all this tension. With the right approach, however, you can face this […]

The bond between baby and daddy

Vínculo do pai com o bebê

The mother is vital for the baby’s development – no one in the world can contest this fact. She is the one who housed the child in her womb, who fed it for the first time and who develops a chemistry with the baby off the heels of the five senses responsible for offering safety, […]

Don’t neglect your relationships

Relacionamentos da mãe

Becoming a mother is an objective, a dream, a life-long project for many women. However, just because you’ve reached this goal with success – a cute and healthy baby in your arms is the living proof! –  doesn’t mean you need to put your interpersonal relationships in the back burner.  Maternity can “drain” your energies. […]

Guests: did you know that you’re the one who decides whether or not to host them?

Visita a maternidade

A newborn is like a never-ending source of happiness, cuteness and curiosity. If you received few guests in the hospital, it’s possible that your house will soon become – if it hasn’t yet – a hectic space flowing with friends and family who are dying to meet your child. For some women, guests are welcome […]

The importance of building a support network

Como formar uma rede de apoio materno

Regardless of if you plan on working after the baby is born, it’s important to consider who will be able to help you out with daily tasks during the first couple of days. Adapting to your new routine Newborn care and postpartum recovery can make this an exhaustive time in your life, even more so […]

Focus on your social life; it’s important!

Seek, as much as possible, to take advantage of the wave of energy and disposition during the second trimester to go out with friends, catch up, laugh and go to that restaurant you love. The same idea applies to you and your partner: try to go out together as much as possible to watch a […]

Hello, world: I’m pregnant!

At this point, your symptoms will give off very clear signs that you’re pregnant – after all, hiding your strong and constant nausea isn’t easy – and a lot of people have probably paid attention to the “interesting phase” you’re experiencing. This condition, however, is an exception, which is why doctors recommend expectant mothers to […]

Hormones X your partner: a delicate relationship

The first trimester of pregnancy is marked by many emotions, some of which can be very conflicting. The hormonal explosion occurring inside of you, along with the apprehension of becoming a mother, can make things with your partner a bit rocky.  It is important to remember that, during your pregnancy, your libido is determined by […]