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9 ways to keep your baby entertained

In general, babies get tired of playing real quick, and parents are left trying to come up with different ways to keep them entertained. Through this social distancing period due to the coronavirus crisis, the only option is to get creative! Therefore, BabyHome put together a list of activities you can do at home with […]

We need to talk about postpartum

Tired, sleepy, in pain, exhausted, alone. This is how most women feel postpartum. After birth, the journey through the adaptation first weeks or months of motherhood can be crazy for moms, especially those who don’t have a solid support network. Hormones are going nuts; everything is new, the anxiety of having to learn to take […]

Baby lovey: Why? What? When?

Naninha de bebê: saiba com quantos meses adotar e para que serve

Blankets, stuffed animals, mama’s old shirt, many children get attached to a specific object before they reach their first birthday. If it hasn’t happened to your baby, chances are your little one will choose a lovey (“transitional object”) sometime soon. And that can be an excellent thing.  You know what? If you think about it, […]

How to prevent & stop diaper rash

Sooner or later you’ll have to deal with this kind of dermatitis. As careful as you might be, by changing diapers as soon as the baby poops or not leaving the diaper soiled with urine for too long, diaper rash is common, especially during the summertime. Why do these rashes pop up? In the form […]

What to expect in the coming months

O que esperar para o bebê de seis meses

Rolling around to lay on their tummies and vice versa and sitting up without any support are abilities that your baby probably already dominates pretty well. Get ready: dragging themselves through the floor and crawling can come next. And, with that, a new view of the house for the child: they will mess with doors, […]

It’s fundamental to dress your child in comfortable clothing

Roupas de bebê confortável

Rolling around, turning on their side, on their bellies, sitting and even crawling are some of the movements that require effort and training for the little ones. Not to mention the frenetic movement of the little arms and legs. None of this is possible if the child is wearing clothing with uncomfortable seams, tight elastics, […]

Weaning: how to face this process with ease

Como fazer o desmame gentil

Whenever possible, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends exclusively breastfeeding up until six months of the baby’s life. However, breastfeeding can be extended according to the mother’s wishes. But, it is during this phase (the sixth month) that many women need to end their maternity leave and go back to work. Other factors such as […]

Time to sit unassisted and ask to be held

Bebê senta sozinho

Around the sixth month of life, equilibrium and body awareness increase and the child can now sit down, first with some help and then without any support at all. To ensure your child sits upright and balanced, protect them with pillows or leave them on the couch, leaning on the backrest. On the floor, place […]

Stuffed animals: too much cuteness!

Bebê e bicho de pelúcia

Around the six month mark, at the rate motor skills develop, children tend to fall in love with stuffed animals. We can see why: they’re cute, soft and have a, let’s say, warm and inviting appearance and they’re a great toy to grab, hug and snuggle with. In order to ensure these toys only bring […]