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9 ways to keep your baby entertained

In general, babies get tired of playing real quick, and parents are left trying to come up with different ways to keep them entertained. Through this social distancing period due to the coronavirus crisis, the only option is to get creative! Therefore, BabyHome put together a list of activities you can do at home with […]

Is it true pregnant women can’t be in contact with cats?

Grávida pode ter contato com gato?

There is still a lot of uncertainty and misinformation about cats and pregnancy, but here is the truth: it’s very unlikely that having contact with cats will make you catch a disease that will result in bad consequences for your unborn child. You have a higher risk of getting toxoplasmosis by eating undercooked meat than […]

What are the risks and benefits of having a pet around kids?

If the risk of developing allergies is your biggest concern when thinking about pets and children coexisting, don’t spend another second worrying about it. Recent studies show the exact opposite: kids who grow up with pets actually have less chances of developing respiratory allergies, and that’s not all. The benefits of this relationship include physical, […]

10 cheap and simple ideas for your baby’s birthday party

Ideas para aniversário de bebê

The time for your child’s 1 year birthday nears and you want to throw a party, but without spending your entire savings…is it possible? With some tweaks here and there you’ll be able to cut costs and eternalize this important moment. However, you must be willing to ask for some help from family and friends, […]

22 months: why contact with nature is so important

Stepping on soft, fluffy sand and digging their toes in its softness only to, right after, feel the coolness of the ocean as waves lap their feet. Grabbing the dirt in the playground with their hands and “saving it for later” in a bucket. Smelling the flowers, feeling the texture of tree bark, observing ants […]

21 months: playing & interacting with other children

Socialização de crianças

Parents, undoubtedly, are the child’s first source of fun. They are the ones who pose the first games during playtime, teach funny things, show how to interact with a ball or a stuffed animal, take them to the park, etc. As the baby grows older, however, socialization becomes necessary, especially in cases where the child […]

Reading: the love for books can start at an early age

Importância de ler para o bebê

Pop-up books, books with textures, poems, fairy tales, etc…There are unlimited book options available for children. The important part here is that you carry this moment with affection and attention. If it’s near bedtime, lay with your child and place the book between you two. In case you prefer to read during the day, during […]

The positive side of having a pet

Relação do pet com a criança

Having a pet at home depends, of course, on several factors: financial resources, space, time to care for them, etc. If you have been considering the possibility of having one, but feel reluctant to put the animal close to your child, you can relax: experts guarantee that the relationship between babies and animals is very […]