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When is it time to change up the baby seat?

Quando trocar cadeirinha do carro

If your child has already turned one, it’s possible you have had to swap the baby carrier for a baby car seat. Rules vary depending on which country you live in, but in the U.S. it’s recommended that you keep your child in a rear-facing car seat/carrier until at least the age of four – […]

It’s fundamental to dress your child in comfortable clothing

Roupas de bebê confortável

Rolling around, turning on their side, on their bellies, sitting and even crawling are some of the movements that require effort and training for the little ones. Not to mention the frenetic movement of the little arms and legs. None of this is possible if the child is wearing clothing with uncomfortable seams, tight elastics, […]

Stuffed animals: too much cuteness!

Bebê e bicho de pelúcia

Around the six month mark, at the rate motor skills develop, children tend to fall in love with stuffed animals. We can see why: they’re cute, soft and have a, let’s say, warm and inviting appearance and they’re a great toy to grab, hug and snuggle with. In order to ensure these toys only bring […]

Books: Introduce your baby to the wonderful world of reading

Os melhores livros para o bebê

Reading to babies has several proven benefits. The first one, obviously, is that it allows for you and your child to spend quality time together, which you will remember for a very long time. Your voice during these first few months of life is the most wonderful sound in the world for your child. As […]

Mobiles: why are they so essential?

Móbilie para berço

There are many different models available, to appease all tastes and decoration styles. The most relevant aspect of a mobile, however, is that it’s interesting enough to catch the baby’s attention and whet their curiosity. After the two-month mark, the child is able to differentiate between sounds and has sharper eyesight. The most recommended mobiles, […]

Baby clothes: important care tips

Como lavar e guardar a roupa do bebê

At this point, you’ve probably already bought all of the baby’s layette. And, we bet, also can’t stop lovingly staring at each piece of clothing, toy, gift…As the expected birth date nears, this is the time to make sure everything is clean and organized for your child’s arrival. To do that, follow the instructions below: […]

Start planning the baby shower

Como planejar um chá de bebê

The baby shower is a great opportunity to have fun with your loved ones, celebrate your baby’s arrival, and, of course, get all those diapers and presents that will help compliment the baby’s layette. The celebration has to match your style: if you’re more of a homebody, you can do it at your apartment building’s […]

Underwear for pregnant women: how to pick the best pieces

You can roll your eyes all you want at the thought of buying underwear made specifically for pregnant women. However, as the end of the sixth month nears, you’ll begin to notice that the underwear you’ve always worn hasn’t been giving you the proper kind of support to your ever-growing breasts and baby bump. More […]

The baby’s room: how to set up a nurturing environment

Planning your baby’s room is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and magical moments during your pregnancy. After all, thinking about furniture, the color you’ll paint the walls, and decor details and toys is, in reality, living a dream. Very soon, your baby will be in there, in deep, peaceful sleep in a […]

Shoes: which ones to wear during pregnancy?

The sixth month of pregnancy marks the end of the second trimester and, with that, prepare yourself to feel the accelerated weight gain and more swelling on your legs and feet. Your postural tone and equilibrium will alter as your pregnancy advances. As the bump begins to weigh more and inclines forward, every pregnant woman […]