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Is drinking coffee safe during pregnancy?

Pode tomar café na gravidez? Confira

The answer to the question above is something we should frequently use in life: excess is never a good thing. So, yes, expecting moms can have coffee – which is great news since pregnancy drowsiness is a killer, right? But there is a daily intake limit that should be respected, or there will be an […]

Is it true pregnant women can’t be in contact with cats?

Grávida pode ter contato com gato?

There is still a lot of uncertainty and misinformation about cats and pregnancy, but here is the truth: it’s very unlikely that having contact with cats will make you catch a disease that will result in bad consequences for your unborn child. You have a higher risk of getting toxoplasmosis by eating undercooked meat than […]

Cleaning during pregnancy: do’s and don’ts

Grávida pode limpar vidros e fazer faxina com alguns cuidados

So, you are tired of hearing, “pregnancy is not a disease.” Well, it really isn’t, but things work differently in the pregnant body. Some extra care in the housekeeping department must be allowed to ensure your health and the baby’s health is not put at risk. Suppose you’re experiencing a low-risk pregnancy. In that case, […]

Main complications that can affect the placenta during pregnancy

Alguns problemas na placenta durante a gravidez podem ser detectados pelo ultrassom

The placenta is the organ the pregnant body develops to make the blood connection between the mother and the baby. It provides oxygen and the nutrients necessary for the baby’s growth in the uterus through the umbilical cord.  It also produces and regulates some hormones during pregnancy, such as chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone. The placenta […]

How to prevent & stop diaper rash

Sooner or later you’ll have to deal with this kind of dermatitis. As careful as you might be, by changing diapers as soon as the baby poops or not leaving the diaper soiled with urine for too long, diaper rash is common, especially during the summertime. Why do these rashes pop up? In the form […]

Morphological ultrasound – what is it & when to do it

Ultrassom morfológico na gravidez

One of the most feared exams during pregnancy, the morphological ultrasound reveals if the baby is developing well or if they have some malformation or chromosome issue, which is why it’s usually faced with certain anxiety by expecting mothers. The exam is done during two phases of pregnancy: during the end of the first trimester […]

How can I tell if my baby has an ear infection?

Como identificar dor de ouvido em bebê

All of a sudden, your child starts crying, a high-pitched scream from someone in what seems like unbearable pain, and you have no idea what to do. Because they can’t articulate their feelings properly, it’s hard to figure out where this complaint could be coming from. Did they break a bone? Are they suffering from […]

The importance of regular pediatrician consultations

Importância das consultas pediátricas

At six months, your baby should receive their third dose of some of the vaccines recommended by the Department of Health, such as Hepatitis B, Polio and Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. Besides those, it’s possible the pediatrician will recommend other vaccines available within a private healthcare network. As you might have noticed, the sixth month […]

Nervous or stressed? Give yourself a time-out

Mãe nervosa ou estressada? Veja dicas para relaxar

Many mothers, especially those who go back to their careers, experience a mix of emotions during this phase. With a sociable baby that interacts more and more, just thinking about going back to work and spending hours away from your child already makes your heart ache. On the other hand, after months of exclusively dedicating […]

How about taking a little more care of yourself, mom?

Cuidados para a mãe

Caring for a baby is one of the most amazing – and at the same time exhausting – activities of life. With so many demands, it’s hard to find some time just for yourself. If you breastfeed, activities such as going out to the movies or grabbing a coffee with a friend become practically impossible. […]