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Morphological ultrasound – what is it & when to do it

Ultrassom morfológico na gravidez

One of the most feared exams during pregnancy, the morphological ultrasound reveals if the baby is developing well or if they have some malformation or chromosome issue, which is why it’s usually faced with certain anxiety by expecting mothers. The exam is done during two phases of pregnancy: during the end of the first trimester […]

The importance of regular pediatrician consultations

Importância das consultas pediátricas

At six months, your baby should receive their third dose of some of the vaccines recommended by the Department of Health, such as Hepatitis B, Polio and Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. Besides those, it’s possible the pediatrician will recommend other vaccines available within a private healthcare network. As you might have noticed, the sixth month […]

When should you call the pediatrician?

Quando ligar para o pediatra

Given you’ve gotten this far, you know by now that there’s no such thing as a manual for pregnancy, right? Each pregnant woman is different and each woman deals with it in their own way. Well, maternity, despite the amount of information you might have, works the same way: each day you’ll experience something new. […]

What is it like in the hospital?

Quanto tempo a mãe e o bebê ficam no hospital

Yours and the baby’s stay in the hospital depends, of course, on both of your health conditions. Discharge after a normal birth happens after two days. If you undergo a C-section, which is a more complex surgery, you should be hospitalized for about three days. Ideally, you should always consider the period of three days, […]

Inside the nursery

Como funciona o berçário

While the combined accommodation – when the baby stays in the hospital room with the mother – is becoming more and more prioritized, as soon as the baby is born it’ll probably go spend some time in the nursery before being subjected to a series of procedures. Before that, let’s rewind a bit: as soon […]

Prepare yourself for more frequent doctor’s appointments.

Consultas médicas no final da gravidez

After the 32nd week, doctors recommend pregnant women visit their practice every two weeks, instead of only once a month. During the ninth month, appointments can be weekly. The intensive prenatal method is important to detect signs of infection, premature birth, or preeclampsia. A new ultrasound is recommended. It will analyze the baby’s weight, the […]

Start looking for a pediatrician for your baby.

Escolher o pediatra

You’re still a few weeks away from feeling the joy of holding your baby in your arms, but you won’t need to wait to see your child’s cute little face before choosing the pediatrician that will follow-up with him/her throughout their entire childhood. But how to choose one? Ask for recommendations from friends, family, call […]

Maternity Hospital: where to give birth?

Como escolher a maternidade

As the expected birth date nears, certain things cannot be pushed back any longer. Think about what kind of labor and delivery experience you want. Make a list of what is essential to you when it comes to B-day. Compare your contenders: Health Insurance Are the hospital and maternity ward of your choosing covered by […]

Dental treatments: what is safe during pregnancy?

Don’t neglect your teeth during pregnancy! The increase in circulation can cause the gums to bleed and, depending on how you use your toothbrush and floss, can cause pain and inflammation. Some pregnant women, at the beginning of their gestation, might neglect dental hygiene (without even noticing) because the movement of the toothbrush as well […]

The second trimester: important checkups, tests, and scans

Morphology scan This scan, also called “the 20-week ultrasound” (most likely performed when you’re 18 to 22 weeks pregnant) will check your baby’s morphology, in other words, the baby’s body structures. This time, the sonographer will not measure the nuchal translucency (the accumulation of fluid in the nape of the fetus). This detailed ultrasound makes […]