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16 months: tips on interesting toys and how to organize them

Os brinquedos mais indicados para o bebê de 1 ano e como arrumar e organizar a bagunça

With one year and four months of life, the love for stuffed animals continues to grow each day more and more. Because children during this phase love imitating adults, the tendency is that they will repeat with toys the aspects of the family’s routine: giving food to the bear, singing the doll to sleep, etc. […]

Mobiles: why are they so essential?

Móbilie para berço

There are many different models available, to appease all tastes and decoration styles. The most relevant aspect of a mobile, however, is that it’s interesting enough to catch the baby’s attention and whet their curiosity. After the two-month mark, the child is able to differentiate between sounds and has sharper eyesight. The most recommended mobiles, […]

The baby’s room: how to set up a nurturing environment

Planning your baby’s room is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and magical moments during your pregnancy. After all, thinking about furniture, the color you’ll paint the walls, and decor details and toys is, in reality, living a dream. Very soon, your baby will be in there, in deep, peaceful sleep in a […]