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Postpartum: take care of your recovery

Recuperação pós-parto

Caring for a newborn, the changes in your routine (especially for first-time mothers) and breastfeeding can make you exhausted. Treat yourself with care, following our tips: Did your baby fall asleep in the afternoon? Take a nap, without any guilt. The excess tiredness can make your everyday life feel “heavier”, which accumulates along the way. […]

Safe sleep: 5 tips for a good night’s sleep

Como fazer o bebê ter um sono tranquilo

Experts say that, ideally, the baby should get used to sleeping by themselves from the moment they come home. With that in mind, as reassuring it may be for you to keep them inside your bedroom, in the crib or a small box, do it for only a little while – until you’ve recovered from […]

Newborn hygiene: Everything you need to know

Como fazer a higiene do recém-nascido

Beyond bath time – which besides the obvious cleaning, is also an incredible opportunity for the baby to relax and a great way to strengthen the bond between parents and baby – your baby’s hygiene requires special care. Check out these tips to make your little one always comfortable and smelling delicious as only babies […]