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Guests: did you know that you’re the one who decides whether or not to host them?

Visita a maternidade

A newborn is like a never-ending source of happiness, cuteness and curiosity. If you received few guests in the hospital, it’s possible that your house will soon become – if it hasn’t yet – a hectic space flowing with friends and family who are dying to meet your child. For some women, guests are welcome […]

Suggestions to make the routine with twins easier

Como criar uma rotina com gêmeos

In the beginning, things can be a little confusing, but if you strive for organization, everything can flow better. To do that, the first step is establishing set hours for main activities, such as bath time, feedings and sleep. To keep up the rhythm, these actions should all be done as a “team.” That way, […]

Bath time: 10 tips to start practicing now!

Como dar banho no bebê

1. Prepping Gather your supplies and have everything within reach, not only in the bathroom but also on the changing table – including setting aside the outfit you’ve picked for the baby to wear. While you do this, keep the baby inside the crib if you’re alone to prevent any accidents. 2. The right amount […]