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Colics: How to deal with them?

Como aliviar a cólica do bebê

Before anything else, know that colics don’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, your milk, or your baby. They are intestinal contractions, an organ that’s still in its adapting. The condition is heart-wrenching to watch: the child cries, contorts, their face reddens, the fists ball up, they’re irritated…Some measures, however, can help minimize the suffering: […]

Find out solutions to potential breastfeeding problems.

So baby has been home for a couple of days already and we all know breastfeeding is natural. But, let us remind ourselves that natural does not mean easy. When you start nursing your newborn, it’s common to feel tenderness on your nipples after breastfeeding. Some women report having cracked nipples. Others report blood and […]

Attention mommy: take care of what you eat

Alimentação pós-parto

There’s little to no difference between the typical meal plan suggested for pregnant women and the nutritional recommendations for someone who just gave birth. It’s important to keep eating healthy, prioritizing more natural or minimally processed foods. After all, your body just went through several changes. And, if you breastfeed, healthy habits become even more […]