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10 cheap and simple ideas for your baby’s birthday party

Ideas para aniversário de bebê

The time for your child’s 1 year birthday nears and you want to throw a party, but without spending your entire savings…is it possible? With some tweaks here and there you’ll be able to cut costs and eternalize this important moment. However, you must be willing to ask for some help from family and friends, […]

Is your child more attached to you? That’s normal

Ansiedade de separação do bebê

As the discovery of the world unfolds – and the understanding that you and the baby are two separate people – will sometimes cause the baby to want to stay closer to you, in fear of strange people and places. It seems contradictory, really, but it’s because as their repertoire expands, they need a bigger […]

10 months: smarter everyday, your baby already understands what “no” means

Quando o bebê começa a entender a palavra "não"

During the 10th month of life, kids already perfectly comprehend the meaning of the word “no” – many, in fact, will even repeat the word, shake their heads, or make a negative gesture with their hands. However, right during the phase of many discoveries, maybe your child is doing exactly what you told them not […]