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The bond between baby and daddy

Vínculo do pai com o bebê

The mother is vital for the baby’s development – no one in the world can contest this fact. She is the one who housed the child in her womb, who fed it for the first time and who develops a chemistry with the baby off the heels of the five senses responsible for offering safety, […]

Don’t neglect your relationships

Relacionamentos da mãe

Becoming a mother is an objective, a dream, a life-long project for many women. However, just because you’ve reached this goal with success – a cute and healthy baby in your arms is the living proof! –  doesn’t mean you need to put your interpersonal relationships in the back burner.  Maternity can “drain” your energies. […]

We need to talk about…poop

O cocô do bebê pode revelar como está a saúde dele

It’s common, during the first months of life, that your newborn poops soon after each feeding. This is called the gastrocolic reflex, which stimulates the child to evacuate everytime their tummy is full. After the second month, however, this frequency spaces out and might even worry you. However, there’s no proper timing for this, nor […]