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Everything you need to know about the baby’s sleep

Sono do bebê

During the third month, you’ll notice nights become easier, with fewer feedings in the middle of the night. Many children, in fact, already sleep through the whole night. This is a sign your baby is starting to understand how the day works – if it’s light out, it’s okay to stay awake; if it’s dark, […]

Time to get back to physical activities

Retorno à atividade física pós-parto

Relaxing exercises and light walks can be done after six weeks postpartum for normal births and after eight weeks for C-sections. However, it’s important to remember that each woman has their own recovery rhythm and their own way of dealing with the baby’s demands and daily tasks. So, if you still don’t feel ready to […]

Third month of life: what to expect?

Bebê de dois meses

That small, sleepy newborn has turned into a cute little baby, curious and full of life. You’ll notice, for example, that feeding time won’t be as calm as the baby starts tilting their head in the direction of any noise they hear to figure out what’s going on. The staring, in fact, is highly attentive: […]