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Breastfeeding and sick: what to do?

Amamentar enquanto doente

Good news: there are very few diseases that can impede a mother from breastfeeding. Those with HIV, for instance, shouldn’t breastfeed due to the risk of transmission to the child. Some debilitating ailments, such as heart failure, also don’t mix well with breastfeeding as they can compromise the general maternal health. Fevers, colds, the flu […]

Basic care for baby’s skin

Cuidados com a pele do bebê

Did you know that the skin is the biggest organ in the human body and corresponds to 15% of our weight? It is a natural physical barrier against ultraviolet rays and can even help in maintaining our body temperature. The baby’s skin, however, is still immature, fragile and susceptible to environmental harms. Even the baby’s […]

Your relationship with your partner: get your sex life back without stress

Retomar a vida sexual pós parto

There aren’t too many couples who describe having not difficulties going back to their normal sex and affective lives. Fatigue, anxieties, full time dedication to the baby and even fear of feeling pain or getting hurt are just some of the reasons behind all this tension. With the right approach, however, you can face this […]