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Each child has their own rhythm

Ritimo de desenvolvimento do bebê

The first tip from BabyHome on this topic is: avoid making comparisons. Just because your nephew sat when he was four months old that your baby will do the same. And just because your oldest daughter took a while to say her first words doesn’t mean your newborn will take just as long. Each child […]

Mobiles: why are they so essential?

Móbilie para berço

There are many different models available, to appease all tastes and decoration styles. The most relevant aspect of a mobile, however, is that it’s interesting enough to catch the baby’s attention and whet their curiosity. After the two-month mark, the child is able to differentiate between sounds and has sharper eyesight. The most recommended mobiles, […]

Baby’s first outing, a special moment

Primeiro passeio do bebê

There’s a reason why experts advise new moms to wait until the baby turns 2 months to go outside: before that, their immune system is still fragilized and the first immune shots haven’t started working yet. As of right now, however, you can go visit family and friends or take your little one for a […]