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5 tips to stimulate your child

Como estimular o seu filho nos primeiros meses de vida

Show them new objects, preferably in the colors red, blue and green, which stand out more and are easy to identify. Carry them around the house or the room they’re in facing forward, as though your arms are some sort of “chair”. This stimulates sight and even helps their head become stronger. Put them on […]

Talk to the baby whenever possible

Conversar com o bebê

Quick answer: do you often speak to your baby? And, during these conversations, do you speak in a more infantilized, caring way with a “cute” tone? You’re doing it right! According to research conducted by a team at Princeton University, this is a positive attitude as it transmits affection, love and, especially, safety. There’s more: […]

The importance of establishing a routine

A importância de criar uma rotina para o bebê

In the transition between the third and fourth month of your baby’s life, it’s possible you’ve established an interactive routine which basically consists of four fundamental measures: feeding, changing, bathing and sleeping. Up until now, everything has either functioned based on instinct or as necessary. However, if you haven’t figured out a schedule, try to […]