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Phase filled with cute reactions

Risada do bebê

Try tickling your baby, talking and laughing at them. It’s likely they’ll reply with different sounds and delicious laughter, a type of answer that is part of the child’s social development. Besides, the spontaneous and inviting smile – yes, an irresistible one! – is the signature move at this age. The babbling transforms each day […]

“Discovering” little hands

Bebê descobre as mãos

Up until now, hands were always just an “appendage” from the arms. As your child grows and amplifies their body consciousness, the hands will become the center of much curiosity and awareness. With four months of life, babies start to discover their hand function as they reach for whatever triggers their curiosity – and afterwards […]

Fourth month of life: what to expect?

Bebê de três meses

That quiet, sleepy newborn is now a thing of the past. More and more active each day, your baby can’t wait to interact with the world around them. The physical evolution is astounding: when turned on their stomach, the four-month-old can already keep their chest and head up for about ten seconds. Stimulate them, cheering […]