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Sun bathing is fundamental

Banho de sol para o bebê

Now that your baby is becoming more and more interested in the world and can even sit upright in the stroller, take them for an outdoor walk whenever possible. The sun will help synthesize vitamin D in their body, which is fundamental for bone development and to prevent rickets. Ideally, walks should be taken at […]

Finally, you might be getting some sleep

Sono tranquilo com o bebê

During the fourth month of life, the time spent awake is longer for the baby. After all, there’s a lot to do and discover, right? Consequently, nightly sleep becomes more regular – some children, during this phase, can sleep up to nine hours without issues. There’s even some who can sleep for up to 11 […]

Drool central: the real joy lies in putting everything in your mouth

Por que o bebê baba muito

You’ve probably noticed that your baby suddenly started drooling more. No amount of towels can deal with this much liquid! Sometimes, the drool is so intense their little face and neck will become completely drenched, flooding even the clothes they’re wearing. This is a perfectly organic, natural reaction. Firstly because the child, at this stage, […]