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A world made of colors

Bebê encherga cores

The baby’s vision is becoming more and more enhanced – they can now, in fact, recognize your face from a distance. However, it’s easier for the child to identify stronger colors – yellow, blue, red and green. It’s no wonder toys for this age group have these flashier tones. You can stimulate them by saying […]

Incentivize your child to like music

Estímulo musical para o bebê

If you had the habit of listening to music when you were pregnant, chances are your child still appreciates the same sounds. The first months of life are important to incentivize this habit which helps – a lot – in childhood development. Several scientific studies associate the act of listening to music from an early […]

Joyful little noises: language development starts now

Desenvolvimento da linguagem do bebê

As they’re about to complete four months of life, your baby begins babbling more and emitting certain sounds – especially when the mother, father or caretaker communicates with them. Children want to express themselves and like hearing the sound of their own voices, so talk to your baby as much as possible. It’s worth even […]