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Baby lovey: Why? What? When?

Naninha de bebê: saiba com quantos meses adotar e para que serve

Blankets, stuffed animals, mama’s old shirt, many children get attached to a specific object before they reach their first birthday. If it hasn’t happened to your baby, chances are your little one will choose a lovey (“transitional object”) sometime soon. And that can be an excellent thing.  You know what? If you think about it, […]

How about taking a little more care of yourself, mom?

Cuidados para a mãe

Caring for a baby is one of the most amazing – and at the same time exhausting – activities of life. With so many demands, it’s hard to find some time just for yourself. If you breastfeed, activities such as going out to the movies or grabbing a coffee with a friend become practically impossible. […]

Pay attention to excessive stimuli

Excesso de estímulo do bebê

The lack of stimulus during the first months of life can affect the baby’s psychological, emotional and social development, leading to setbacks in their intellectual abilities, issues with interacting and difficulty dealing with their own feelings. In the future, the child can face other problems, such as understanding limits, obesity and OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), among […]

A phase made up of more playtime and interactions

Brincadeiras com o bebê

Daily moments of leisure are a great opportunity not only to strengthen the mother-child bond but also to incentivize the child’s intellectual and sensory development as well as their motor skills. Check out below some suggestions of games and activities you can do with your baby during this stage: Play pretend horseback riding with your […]