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More tears, more laughter

Emoções do bebê

Your child will still take a while to start speaking, but that doesn’t mean your won’t be able to communicate until then. Much to the contrary! Besides gaining new sensory and motor abilities, your baby is slowly testing out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to calling on other people’s attention. Before they […]

Time to lay on that belly

Bebê de bruço

Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly catch your baby in the “little airplane” position: laying down on their belly, stretching out arms and legs, they are now able to lift up their heads and bend their backs. During this developmental phase, the child, as they lay on their stomach, can also “swim”, moving their little […]

Fifth month of life: what to expect?

Bebê de quatro meses

Around the fifth month of life, your baby will weigh more or less double what they used to when they were born. Full of energy, the baby has been practicing sitting up and, in some cases, even crawling! Their intelligence level is on full blast: during this stage the child is capable of, for example, […]