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Rhythm: how to know if your child is developing properly?

Desenvolvimento do filho

Each child has their own rhythm when it comes to developing certain abilities such as rolling over, sitting, crawling, walking, talking… Us at BabyHome, base our information on developmental milestones, which work as a sort of reference to follow the child’s evolution. In other words, these are universal figures that estimate that the child should […]

Fifth month: a more active baby

Quinto mês do bebê

Awake for longer periods of time during the day and with motor skills and intellectual development on full throttle, five-month-old babies are pure energy. Inspire yourself with this list of crucial suggestions for this phase: Try taking a toy from their hands, and then giving it back Let them play with colorful cubes and small […]

Coming & going: ready to roll around

Bebê começa a rolar

Raising their arms to be lifted from the crib and onto someone’s lap is just one of the many motor skills five-month-old babies possess. They can also lay on their tummies, using their strength to raise their hands and keep their heads up. And, very soon, they’ll kick start the fun rolling movement, an important […]