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Babies in restaurants: training for solo eating

Bebê no restaurante

Going out with a small child is always a shot in the dark. It can go smoothly, where the baby remains calm for most of the time as it can take a completely different turn and lead to crying and irritation. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should stay at home and deprive your child […]

Nervous or stressed? Give yourself a time-out

Mãe nervosa ou estressada? Veja dicas para relaxar

Many mothers, especially those who go back to their careers, experience a mix of emotions during this phase. With a sociable baby that interacts more and more, just thinking about going back to work and spending hours away from your child already makes your heart ache. On the other hand, after months of exclusively dedicating […]

Why babies love sucking on hands & feet

Por que o bebê ama colocar a mão e o pé na boca

During their fourth month of life, your child discovered their little chubby hands are there, always nearby, at their disposal. With an increased flexibility, now their feet are also within reach – and there’s nothing better than putting them in their mouth. Taking into consideration all the drooling, lots of it and constant, and we […]