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4 tips for playing during bathtime

Dicas de brincadeiras para fazer na banheira durante o banho do bebê

Bath time is not only a hygiene ritual for babies. It is also the perfect occasion to strengthen the mother-child bond, talk to the child and, of course, incentivize their development in different ways – sensory, motor, cognitive, intellectual…Before starting playtime, however, it’s important to ensure the water is warm enough, never going past the […]

Teething: all you need to know

Dentição do bebê

There are children who – let’s be real, it sounds a little freaky – are born with the so-called neonatal teeth.Others, however, will only develop teeth after turning one year old. However, on average, the milk teeth begin to show up around the sixth and eighth months of life.Usually, the two bottom front teeth are […]

Sixth month of life: what to expect?

Bebê de cinco meses

In just six months of life, your baby has transformed from a fragile little newborn to an enthusiastic, exploring, curious, happy and even “talkative” child! This is an absolutely wonderful phase – and it won’t be any different in the coming weeks, as the achievements only tend to increase from now on. Your baby can […]