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Time to sit unassisted and ask to be held

Bebê senta sozinho

Around the sixth month of life, equilibrium and body awareness increase and the child can now sit down, first with some help and then without any support at all. To ensure your child sits upright and balanced, protect them with pillows or leave them on the couch, leaning on the backrest. On the floor, place […]

Stuffed animals: too much cuteness!

Bebê e bicho de pelúcia

Around the six month mark, at the rate motor skills develop, children tend to fall in love with stuffed animals. We can see why: they’re cute, soft and have a, let’s say, warm and inviting appearance and they’re a great toy to grab, hug and snuggle with. In order to ensure these toys only bring […]

Hide and seek: a game crucial for development

Desenvolvimento psíquico do bebê

The classic game of “where’s the baby? There he/she is!” is not only a great source of entertainment for the child – and for you to be delighted of the cute little laugh of contentment – but also to help the mother-child bond escalate to a new level. This happens because, when they’re born, babies […]