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When to introduce baby food and other foods?

Know when to start the weaning process and things to do and to avoid Up until the six-month mark, the baby should be breastfed only. This means no food, no juices or teas. If the baby breastfeeds freely, they’ll get all the nutrients necessary for that age, including water, to stay hydrated. Children who drink […]

14 common mistakes in the baby’s diet

First of all, do not blame yourself! It’s entirely normal to make mistakes when we’re just trying to feed our children the best we can. Just focus on correcting some behaviors but don’t beat yourself up if not everything goes according to plan. Offering only baby food and creamy soup is not a good idea. […]

How to pump and freeze breast milk

Aprenda como tirar e congelar o leite materno

The end of your maternity leave and even a longer leave don’t necessarily mean you need to interrupt breastfeeding. Maternal milk continues to be an important source of nutrients and antibodies for your baby and, if possible, it’ll be great for their health. While it’s not necessarily the easiest task to pump out milk with […]

No guilt in going back to work

Como encarar o fim da licença-maternidade e a hora de retornar ao trabalho

Us at BabyHome understand: it really is one of the hardest things in the world to leave your precious little creature at day care, with grandparents or nannies and leave for work. After all, you just spent months dedicating almost all of your time to your child, so heartache ensues when you have to stay […]