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What is BLW, the method that teaches babies to eat on their own?

Método BLW de alimentação para o bebê

You’ve probably already come across the term BLW while researching how to introduce solids to your baby. It sounds like an alien concept, but it’s not.  Basically, BLW, or Baby-Led Weaning, means allowing your baby to take control over their introduction to solids. Essentially, this means that, instead of offering baby food, you’ll give your […]

Clapping, bye-bye and many shenanigans

Bebê dar tchau

During this phase of life, the little ones are the center of attention wherever they go. Not for nothing: they wave “bye bye”, blow “kisses”, shake their heads to signal “no”, explode in laughter whenever someone does something to them…It’s a great phase, in fact, to motivate the baby to clap to the sound of […]

Practicing to start walking

Bebê começando a andar

At about 9 months, babies start showing some signs of their developing skills regarding their desire to walk: they’ll probably start pulling themselves up and hold onto furniture (make sure everything is sturdy along your baby’s path) to adventure into what one day will be walking… No doubt those first steps will happen much easier […]