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Leg Cramps During Pregnancy: Prevention and Relief Tips

Commonplace during pregnancy, cramps can happen during all gestational stages due to continuous muscular effort. Still, cramps usually happen with higher intensity after the second trimester, as the pregnant woman’s posture changes. In this final phase, when the baby “uses” up the mother’s calcium content to fortify their bones, cramps become more common, especially on […]

Abdominal pain: What does it mean?

The inconvenient symptoms have lessened, but your body continues working hard. You’ll probably be feeling a little sore in your abdominal region – that’s because the ligaments that sustain the uterus are stretching to accommodate your baby, who won’t stop growing. Often felt as a type of sharp, stabbing pain near your crotch area, this […]

Are stomach (abdominal) pains normal during pregnancy?

From the very beginning of pregnancy, many women complain about stomach or abdominal pain. It may feel very similar to regular period cramps in the first trimester, especially when the egg is attaching to the uterus wall (this is called nidation). As your uterus grows, it displaces your bowel, and it may make you feel […]