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9 ways to keep your baby entertained

In general, babies get tired of playing real quick, and parents are left trying to come up with different ways to keep them entertained. Through this social distancing period due to the coronavirus crisis, the only option is to get creative! Therefore, BabyHome put together a list of activities you can do at home with […]

16 months: tips on interesting toys and how to organize them

Os brinquedos mais indicados para o bebê de 1 ano e como arrumar e organizar a bagunça

With one year and four months of life, the love for stuffed animals continues to grow each day more and more. Because children during this phase love imitating adults, the tendency is that they will repeat with toys the aspects of the family’s routine: giving food to the bear, singing the doll to sleep, etc. […]

Hide and seek: a game crucial for development

Desenvolvimento psíquico do bebê

The classic game of “where’s the baby? There he/she is!” is not only a great source of entertainment for the child – and for you to be delighted of the cute little laugh of contentment – but also to help the mother-child bond escalate to a new level. This happens because, when they’re born, babies […]

4 tips for playing during bathtime

Dicas de brincadeiras para fazer na banheira durante o banho do bebê

Bath time is not only a hygiene ritual for babies. It is also the perfect occasion to strengthen the mother-child bond, talk to the child and, of course, incentivize their development in different ways – sensory, motor, cognitive, intellectual…Before starting playtime, however, it’s important to ensure the water is warm enough, never going past the […]