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We need to talk about postpartum

Tired, sleepy, in pain, exhausted, alone. This is how most women feel postpartum. After birth, the journey through the adaptation first weeks or months of motherhood can be crazy for moms, especially those who don’t have a solid support network. Hormones are going nuts; everything is new, the anxiety of having to learn to take […]

Your body will start going back to what it was before

Corpo voltar ao normal depois da gravidez

Generally speaking, six weeks after birth is the average time it takes for the uterus to go back to its normal size and weight. The lochia, at this point, is probably a yellow-ish color or even ceasing, which soon means you can stop wearing hygienic pads. This is the time to go back to the […]

Guests: did you know that you’re the one who decides whether or not to host them?

Visita a maternidade

A newborn is like a never-ending source of happiness, cuteness and curiosity. If you received few guests in the hospital, it’s possible that your house will soon become – if it hasn’t yet – a hectic space flowing with friends and family who are dying to meet your child. For some women, guests are welcome […]

Postpartum: take care of your recovery

Recuperação pós-parto

Caring for a newborn, the changes in your routine (especially for first-time mothers) and breastfeeding can make you exhausted. Treat yourself with care, following our tips: Did your baby fall asleep in the afternoon? Take a nap, without any guilt. The excess tiredness can make your everyday life feel “heavier”, which accumulates along the way. […]